ELIZABETH ZELVIN, Author of Mystery and Historical Fiction

Welcome to Elizabeth Zelvin's author website. Liz is a lifelong writer and editor who since 2007 has published five mystery novels, two historical novels, and over fifty short stories. She has also edited two highly praised crime fiction anthologies.
Great review of Jewish Noir II in Long Island newspaper. Here's what the reviewer said about my story:

A granddaughter inherits a necklace and a packet of blood-covered documents in “The Cost of Something Priceless” (Elizabeth Zelvin). With the traditional noir edge, “Only a fool can expect the cost of acquiring treasure to be paid in full. Blood has a tendency to leak and go on leaking. So do reputation and deceit.” The story of twin generational treachery concludes with a sharp stinger of a final line.

Here's a link to the full review:

TBR NewsMedia: Jewish Noir II - Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds