Reviewers, readers, & bestselling authors say

...about Me Too Short Stories:

Bestselling authors:
"Elizabeth Zelvin has put together a strong collection that reminds us how the daily lives of women can be affected. The characters in these stories will challenge, surprise, and inspire you." - Alafair Burke

"A soul-satisfying anthology of justice and revenge, expertly edited by Elizabeth Zelvin." - Jenny Milchman

"This anthology is a treasure. Empowering, inspirational, and sometimes wickedly funny." - Hank Phillippi Ryan

...about Death Will Get You Sober:

"Smooth prose and outstanding storytelling ability." - Library Journal

"A hell of a job....Great characters and a wonderful voice. - Crimespree Magazine

"Without being maudlin, cliched or clinical, Zelvin delivers a poignant story. " - Oline H. Cogdill, Sun-Sentinel

"I lent the book to a friend, who also couldn't put it down.... This is a really well-written story that nails the experience of alcoholism."

"Everyone in our book club really liked your book.... your characters, their friendship, and their interactions. We want to know how Bruce does with his sobriety. And we really liked the Barbara/Jimmy relationship and in particular, Barbara's spunkiness."

"I can't figure out which line makes me chuckle most."

"I was profoundly moved by the struggle of the recovering addict. I finally got what it means to crave something so bad for you."

"As a judge, my experience with the addicted is mostly with failure. Your characters seem universal to me but also unique and realistic.... They are also funny. I was entertained by your realism, and happy at your hopefulness."

"I enjoyed the book so much that I bought two copies to give to my brothers who have been in AA for over 20 years each."

"You are the first professional that I have come across that really seems to get it...I'm coming up on thirty five years of continuous sobriety. Thanks for a delightful read."

"Realistic, direct, concise, droll--love it."

From a librarian: "I spent much of the time I read the book laughing, and I hope for a sequel."

From a clergywoman: "I loved it because the plot was well thought out and the representation of the journey to sobriety rang true to my experiences as a pastor."

"A great read, fast, funny, and worthy of an Agatha."

"Loved the characters and the smooth, page-turning style"

"I wasn't sure I'd like a story about alcoholics in New York City. Boy, am I glad I tackled it! I found it page turning. I loved the characters. I loved the setting, gritty as it was, and I loved the plot. What a great writer!"

...about Death Will Help You Leave Him:

"Zelvin [has the] ability to bring us both tragedy and humor, sometimes in the same sentence...I've become addicted to the series." - Lourdes Fernandez, Lost in Books

"Readers will care deeply about Bruce and his feelings and relationships." - Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

Bestselling authors:
"A wonderful book--authentic, compassionate, and tough." - Barbara D'Amato

"Zelvin's story is good and her dialogue sparkles, but what's best is how she's created characters who are both over the top, and completely believable. Just like real people!" - SJ Rozan

"A heartbreaker of a novel. Through seamless prose and her lead series protagonist Bruce Kohler, Elizabeth Zelvin exposes the internal and external demons of recovering addicts and recovering lovers. Much more than a mere whodunit, Death Will Help You Leave Him is a whydunit and the 'whys' will haunt you long after the book is read." - Naomi Hirahara

"With humor and heart, Zelvin writes about the challenges of sobriety and the beat of New York City with impressive accuracy. Death Will Help You Leave Him is a terrific read." - Alafair Burke

"A wondrous read." - Ken Bruen

"Even more addictive than Death Will Get You Sober." - Reed Farrel Coleman

...about Death Will Extend Your Vacation:

"Will keep readers guessing until the end." - Crime Fiction Examiner

"Good-natured humor [and] keen social satire." - Booklist

"A complex mystery with twists and turns." - Kevin Tipple on Kevin's Corner

"Zelvin writes about dependency with a sure hand and her dialogue rings true. Terrific series." - Melinda Drew on DorothyL

Bestselling authors:
"A perfect vacation book! Full of heart, full of humor--this honest and believable mystery put its straight-talking characters into a real page-turner of a plot. Suspense plus insight plus compassion--equals a great read!" - Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Empathetic and insightful. Well-drawn characters written with verve. - Carolyn Hart

...about Death Will Pay Your Debts:

"This series gets better and better with each book." - Reader review on Amazon

"Sure to delight Bruce Kohler fans and to win new readers for the series." - Reader review on Amazon

"You don't have to be either [a New Yorker or in a 12-step recovery program to enjoy the humor, the interesting relationships and the puzzle." - Reader review on Amazon

"You will never look at your Starbucks order the same way again! Exciting page turner, characters you cannot help but treat like old friends!" - Reader review on Amazon

...about Voyage of Strangers:

"An enchanting protagonist, courageous, outspoken, and wise beyond her years. A most enjoyable and thought-provoking read." - The Historical Novel Society

"Engaging and well researched." Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

"Fine writing, observant eye, and gripping storytelling. I found it hard to put down."

"An admirable work of fiction."

"I was sorry when the book was over."

...about Journey of Strangers:

"Historical fiction are among my favorite genres. I especially liked this one because it was about events I was unfamiliar with. The writing is good, the story moves along at a fairly good pace, and the detail of events and places adds to the enchantment of the story. It was a book that kept my interest from start to finish." - Reader review on Amazon

"When I read Journey, I happened to be in Croatia, where the turmoil of the 16th century was very much felt. Zelvin's book captured that turmoil and violence beautifully and set it against a deep appreciation of family ties and Jewish culture. I learned a great deal about what happened to the Jewish community after the events of 1492. - Reader review on Amazon

"What a great way to teach history!" - Reader review on Amazon